5 Top Online Business Directories

You need more than just a website for online exposure, you need to be represented in the right places. Online there are multiple avenues for you to advertise your business; some will cost you money, others won't. Either way - you need to make sure your business is listed on the most appropriate and relevant online business directories.

NV Marketing has put a list together of the top 5 business directories that Australian businesses NEED to have a listing on.

1. Google Business

The first thing you need to do once you have set up your business, is to make sure you have activated your Google Places listing. This is regardless of whether you have a website or not (though it is very helpful if you do). You see, a Google Places profile will help with getting you in the search results for the local listings.

google business listings

By having a Google Business listing, not only does my address and phone number come up at the top, but it also comes up on the right hand side. Now if I had an office that was open to the public, then you could also get directions on Google Maps.

Google Places also allows customers to write a review for your business; plus Google Places will automatically set up a Google Plus account for you, that will forever be associated with your Google Places - and you will be able to upload photographs of your business, products and people, share posts about your business and links to your website.

Google Plus is an absolute necessity!

2. DMOZ (Google's Open Directory)

There are loads of online business directories out there, some you should list on, others you should stay clear of. One of the most reputable and helpful for your SEO efforts is Google own Open Directory - DMOZ.org. Though getting your listing live on this site can take a considerable amount of time and patience. It is manually checked, and only a very few are actually approved - but if your business is approved, then you are laughing.

3. Yellow Pages

I hate to admit it, but Yellow Pages does rank well in the Google searches. Though I wouldn't recommend spending a fortune on advertising with them, I would look at getting an online profile for your business with a link back to your website.

They do offer a complimentary listing, but I find that it vary rarely works - and it doesn't give a link to your website. Pricing will differ depending on your location.

4. Aussie Web

Aussie Web is another online Australian business directory that gets decent rankings by Google. You can get a free listing (which we recommend), and you can upload a logo, description, contact details and photographs about your business.

5. Start Local

Start Local is another Australian business directory where you register and then you can set up a business profile. We recommend the free listing - where you can put up a business profile, pics, logo and contact details. There are options for paid listings, but you need to read the terms and conditions to ensure they are right for you.

This is just a start - there are a few more reputable online business directories that also deserve a mention. It is also worthwhile checking for directories relevant to your industry. For instance, if you are in the wedding venue, then it would make sense to advertise on a wedding venue directory - just make sure it is an Australian website and has recent content.