Facebook and Instagram Advertising
By Stacy
Facebook has ‘Friended’ Instagram
January 25, 2016
In October 2015, Facebook officially Friended Instagram (in terms of advertising, they’ve always been somewhat linked). You can now link your advertisements to Instagram through your Facebook Management portal; making it easier for marketers and business owners to manage their social media advertising. What is so good about Facebook and Instagram? According to Social Media [...] Read more
By Stacy
Facebook Advertising
February 25, 2015

To say Facebook understands their customers is an understatement. Let’s be honest, the information that we all too freely give them on a daily basis, means that in many cases they know more about us than what we actually do!

Information Given Freely

They know when we’re in a relationship and when it’s started to get complicated. We tell them what kind of music we like and what movies we’re going to see. We ‘Like’ the business models that appeal to us, and share the pictures we think are humorous or attractive.


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By Stacy
Facebook Groups and your Business
November 11, 2014

If your business targets a specific niche or the local community, Facebook could quite possibly be a great opportunity for you to engage with potential clientele – especially by connecting with like-minded people through specialised Facebook Groups.

There are literally hundreds of Groups to join, from Mummies Groups, Environmental Groups, Local Professional Groups, Local Community Groups, Sporting Groups and so forth. There are literally a myriad of groups targeted at different segments.

How do Facebook Groups Benefit your Business?

Facebook groups help you target a specific group. They also give you the opportunity

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