Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Gold CoastTo say Facebook understands their customers is an understatement. Let’s be honest, the information that we all too freely give them on a daily basis, means that in many cases they know more about us than what we actually do!

Information Given Freely

They know when we’re in a relationship and when it’s started to get complicated. We tell them what kind of music we like and what movies we’re going to see. We ‘Like’ the business models that appeal to us, and share the pictures we think are humorous or attractive.

On top of all that information, we post photos of our friends and family, and update our status daily. Not to mention, we ‘check-in’ at our favourite hangouts, giving them invaluable information about hotspots throughout the world. They also analyse how we interact with each other through the use of their technology.

Research and Advertising

While this may seem somewhat daunting if you are a user of Facebook, as marketers and business people, we need to see that there is huge potential in Facebook marketing.

Facebook research is recognised throughout the world, and they collaborate with many of the top educational facilities in the world; additionally, the biggest brands in the world use Facebook as a platform to engage with their customers and advertise their brand … and why wouldn’t they? Facebook advertising can be drilled down and targeted to your core customers.

Targeted Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising allows you to drill down and target your core customers. For instance, if you are a Gold Coast based bridal business, then you could target users who:

 Gold Coast Bridal Business Target:

  • Women
  • Live on the Gold Coast
  • Aged between 23 and 35 years of age
  • Recently engaged

Likewise, if you are targeting small businesses in Brisbane, then you could set up a campaign targeting users who:

Targeting Small Business Owners in Brisbane

  • Men and Women
  • Based in Brisbane
  • Aged between 25-45 years of age
  • Are a Facebook Page Admin
  • Are Small Business Owners
  • That is interested in online banking

And that is just the start of it. Facebook has accumulated so much information about their users, you can drill down to users interests, activities (such as Facebook payments, gaming and so forth).

Then of course there is what is called Custom Advertising, but that is a whole new post. Watch this space!

Affordable Advertising

Building your Facebook fan base basically means those people are attached to your page, and every time you post a status update or photo on your page, they could potentially see it (that won’t cost you a thing). In order to accrue such a following, all you have to do is invest a little into a very targeted campaign. You can also grow your fan page by joining Facebook groups and engaging with your customers and potential customers.

If you are interested in building your Facebook following, then please feel free to contact the friendly team at NV Marketing.