Facebook Groups and your Business

Searching Facebook Groups for your Business

If your business targets a specific niche or the local community, Facebook could quite possibly be a great opportunity for you to engage with potential clientele - especially by connecting with like-minded people through specialised Facebook Groups.

There are literally hundreds of Groups to join, from Mummies Groups, Environmental Groups, Local Professional Groups, Local Community Groups, Sporting Groups and so forth. There are literally a myriad of groups targeted at different segments.

How do Facebook Groups Benefit your Business?

Facebook groups help you target a specific group. They also give you the opportunity to engage, build a rapport and spread your message. These groups on Facebook are a great platform for businesses to get to understand their customers; find out their needs and wants and to conduct valuable market research, that was previously once only obtained through expensive focus groups and consumer surveys.

Investing your Time

We are not going to lie to you, it does take time, and to really see the benefits of what Facebook can do for your business, you need to invest the time and resources into your Facebook marketing. It is also important to realise that Facebook isn't just about selling your business, but also engaging with your customers and learning about who they are, and what they want. Failing to do this, will result in a failure convert sales and use this medium for what it is intended.

How to Search Facebook Groups

Step 1

To start with, you need to search for Groups. You can do this by typing in a term or name of a group that you are looking for. In this example, we searched for 'Gold Coast Business".


Step 2

Once you start typing in your term, Facebook will automatically start listing pages, people and groups with the same term. At the bottom of  the list, click on 'Search more results"

Facebook Search more Results

Step 3

Click on the Groups TabOnce you have clicked on 'see more results' it will bring up all the results for 'Gold Coast Business'. However, you want to search 'Groups' exclusively, so you will need to click on the 'Groups' tab to your left.







Step 4

A list of all the Facebook Groups relevant to your search term will appear. Start joining the groups that are relevant to you. Be careful though, if you join too many in one day, Facebook will think you are being spammy and will penalise you by restricting you from joining and commenting in groups. So join sparingly.

Some groups may also require you to be approved - this may take a couple of days so please be patient.

Group Rules and Regulations

Each group will have their own set rules and regulations - please make sure to read them before you start posting, and be mindful not to clog up group member's feeds with too much advertising - this can be annoying, and can do damage to your brand.

Use Facebook as the Platform it is Meant For!

As we mentioned previously, Facebook is not a selling ground, but more a social networking platform where businesses can get to know their customers and build a rapport with them. Make sure you use it wisely; if you do, you will see the many benefits of Facebook, and will witness firsthand why so many businesses are opting to invest in this great social platform.