Facebook has ‘Friended’ Instagram

In October 2015, Facebook officially Friended Instagram (in terms of advertising, they’ve always been somewhat linked). You can now link your advertisements to Instagram through your Facebook Management portal; making it easier for marketers and business owners to manage their social media advertising.

What is so good about Facebook and Instagram?

According to Social Media News website (www.socialmedianews.com.au), there were 14-million Australian users as of June 2015, and 5-million active monthly Australian users on Instagram; and both continue to experience growth on a monthly basis.

Businesses LIKE Facebook and Instagram

It’s no wonder then that so many businesses are now investing substantial resources into these two social networks. My clients alone are dedicated to investing their time and marketing dollars into these online platforms, perhaps even more so than traditional forms of marketing (I have mixed feelings on this). Many of my small business retail clients are killing it with Instagram alone, saying that the picture sharing social application offers the best conversion.

More than Just a Marketing Stream

Why? Facebook and Instagram are both social channels that not only give you the opportunity to share your message, but to really connect with your customers; by allowing you to engage with your customers, see what they like and view their photographs and comments (Facebook limits profile views by business page) – this interaction offers valuable insight into who your customers are, what they like, what they respond to and how they respond.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Advertising on these social platforms has been a lucrative venture for many businesses that have done it right. With Facebook advertising you can drill right down and really target customers that are likely to engage with your page.

For instance, you can drill right, targeting users based on:

  • Age Groups
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Demographics (Education, work, parenting, life events)
  • Interests (based on pages they’ve liked or looked at)
  • Behaviours (Financial, Digital Activities, Travel and Seasonal Events)
  • Connections (excluding or including people who have liked certain pages)

Yep – Facebook has collated enough data based on their users online actions, that advertisers are now able to leverage off this insight and target potential customers who have shown an interest in similar products or services.

And now you can link your Facebook advertising with Instagram, and have the adverts that you set up for Facebook to also show on Instagram to customers based on the information you have selected for your Facebook users.

This new feature rolled out in October 2015 gives advertisers the opportunity to reach a much wider audience – 2 social channels, managed in the one location. I guess you could say, Facebook has ‘Friended’ Instagram and made advertisers lives a little easier.

If you would like to build your social presence and be found in the social world of Facebook and Instagram, then please contact NV Marketing today and we’ll help you get social.

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