Get the Most out of your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail MarketingWouldn’t it be wonderful if we all received a huge return from every direct mail campaign that was conducted? Unfortunately to expect this type of result is wishful thinking.  You cannot expect 100% returns or even close to that from just one campaign.  Many recipients of your marketing literature simply overlook it, due to the fact that they may not be interested, don’t have time, they don’t receive the mail, or maybe it was ruined by the elements.

Whatever the reasons, direct mail marketing is definitely not a one-time occurrence.  Consistency is the key with any kind of marketing strategy.  If one way doesn’t provide the kind of response you had hoped for after trying several times, change your strategy. Perhaps you need to conduct smaller, more targeted campaigns.

It will assist you greatly to have the knowledge of where and who your target market is.  By being aware of this information you are better equipped to identify who and where to send your marketing material.  In this way, your marketing budget will be better spent.

Give your customers plenty of time to prepare themselves to take advantage of your special offers. If you have done your market research you will know the most appropriate times to reach a customer base that will most likely take advantage of your products or services.

A Call to Action

A call to action on your marketing material will give your customers a reason to act promptly.  Encourage them to contact you by phone, email or visiting your website and make sure you let them know when the offer will end.  This way, your customers will make contacting you a priority and hopefully it will encourage them to act sooner.

Keep it Simple

Clear and concise promotional material is applicable when it comes to direct mail marketing.  Don’t make the mistake of cramming huge amounts of information into the one flyer.  Make it easy to read and understand. Failure to do so may result in your brochure being put in the rubbish bin. The trick is to make it simple.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is the key to direct mail marketing.  Don’t expect to receive a massive response from the first couple of campaigns. Instead you can expect to receive a better response once your target market has heard your name a few times.  The reason for this is because people have now seen your name more than once and begin to identify with your brand. This is when you can expect to see results from your direct mail campaign.

Promote your Campaign Online

One of the biggest marketing rules: never put all your marketing dollars in one basket. Make sure to promote your direct mail campaign online as well, with a banner promoting the campaign on your website and social media networks - and don't forget to have a call to action for them as well.