Google My Business

Once you have a business up and running, you should really get your My Business set up and verified on Google.

Why is this so Google My Business so important?

Have you ever noticed when you do a local search a list of businesses come up within that region with Google Pins and a map next to it? In most cases, these businesses are listed because they have set up a listing in Google’s My Business. See the picture below – it shows the search results for “Hairdressers Pacific Pines”. NV Marketing will explain how easy it is to set up your own Google My Business Listing.

Google My Business

To set up your listing, you will need to have a Google Account (which if you have a website with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools – you should have anyway).

Here’s how you set it up:

Step 1: Simply go to and sign-in.

Step 2: If you haven’t already set up a business, then a page will come up saying “Get on Google for Free” see pic below.

Click on “Get your Page”

Google My Business

Step 3: Select what your business is – you have three to choose from:

  1. Storefront: This for business with an actual place for customers to visit, such as an office or a shop.
  2. Service Area: This is for businesses that service a particular area – so you may have an office, but you may want to promote that you service all of Gold Coast or you may work from home and don’t want Google to actually list your home address.
  3. Brand: Select this one if you are setting up an account for a Sports Team, band, product or cause.

Step 4: Once you have made your selection, Google will ask you to do a search to make sure you don’t already have an account set up. Put your business name into the search and hit enter. If your business is not on the list, then hit the last entry “None of these match”.

Google My Business

Step 5: Add your business details and then make sure to tick the check that asks if you are authorised to manage this account.

Google will then take a little time to set up your account.

Google Business Maps

Step 5: Get Google to send you your PIN by mail (this will come to your letterbox NOT EMAIL – so make sure to keep an eye out for it, as it looks like junk mail). Once you receive your email, you will need to sign back in and verify your account. Google needs you to verify your listing and address to ensure you are not setting up bogus account at various locations throughout Australia.

Once your account is set up, it is worthwhile taking the tour Google offers; it shows you everything you need to add and what you need to do to get best results.

Step 6: Your dashboard will now appear (see pic below) Select the Edit button.

Google Places

You will then be taken to the Business Info section, here you can add all your information such as website, address, opening hours, introduction and category (ie: hairdresser, fitness centre)

Google Business Profile

Step 7: Click on “My Business” in the top left hand corner – this will bring you back to your dashboard, where you can add your cover photo and profile pictures. You can also add photos of your business, staff and products.

Step 8: Click on ‘Manage Photos”. See picture below, Identity Photos consist of three photos:

  1. Profile Picture (smallest size is 250 pixels × 250 pixels)
  2. Logo
  3. Cover Picture (1,080 x 608 pixels)

Google Business Photos

You can then add photos under the following sections:

  • Interior photos (inside your premises)
  • Exterior photos (outside your business)
  • Photos at Work (of you and your team working hard)
  • Team Photos (Photos of your Team)
  • Additional

The more information you add, the more Google are likely to rank you higher in the searches. Likewise, if you have customers who are willing to give you a review – Google will rank you better if you have positive reviews about your business. Please note, they will pick up on spammy and fake reviews, so please make sure all your reviews are genuine.

From you Dashboard, you will also be able to see your other Google profiles at a glance, such as your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Reviews and Express. Google My Business is a really handy tool.

Once you have completed filling in all your details, you can then get started setting up your other Google Accounts such as your Google Places profile and YouTube Channel – which are connected to this account.

Good luck.