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Stacy Seen
A lover of all things marketing, Stacy has over 12 years experience in the field and has worked for various companies from Refrigeration, steel fabrication, Service Trucks, Fitness, Arts and Beauty. Specialising in online marketing, Stacy can help you build your presence in the world of digital media.

Additionally, Stacy is a Gold Coast Marketing Consultant interested in helping you achieve great results, and is very transparent about the work she does for her clients. She will provide ongoing training along the way so that you can understand her strategies and how they will work for you.

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The Birth of a Marketing Consultant

Stacy Seen started her career as an aspiring broadcast journalist with the University of Queensland’s online News program, whilst simultaneously acting as Features and Sports Editor for the Queensland Independent, and as a Content Writer for Big Brother (season 3).

After she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (double major in journalism and a minor in film and television), Stacy decided to head to the UK in the hope of find her big break as a roving reporter. Instead, she landed a job with international media agency, Carat, in the capacity of marketing assistant ... and she has never looked back.

“Marketing is a world of its own. It keeps you on your feet as trends are constantly changing. People are constantly changing and therefore, marketing channels are growing and changing ... There is never a dull moment as a marketing professional. Life took me on a different path to the one I originally thought I was going on --- and boy do I thank God everyday!

Marketing Experience

Stacy’s hunger for knowledge has taken her on a great educational journey, and she successfully completed post-graduate studies in Marketing at Monash University and a Certificate 3 in Graphic Design at The Commercial Arts Training College on the Gold Coast.

She now also has over a decade of marketing experience under her belt, working as a marketing professional for a number of industries and as a freelance marketer, copywriter and graphic designer for various businesses around Australia.

If you want to get your business off the ground without spending a fortune and have your own marketing consultant working for you, then please contact NV Marketing and ask about our range of marketing packages to help your business stand out in a crowd.

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